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USPTO Awards Jumptuit Founder Donald Leka New AI Search Patent

A System and Method of AI Expanded Search for Correlated Data and Information

We are pleased to announce that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded Inventor Donald Leka, Founder and CEO of Jumptuit, a new AI Search patent, “SYSTEM AND METHOD OF AI ASSISTED SEARCH.”


This AI Search invention relates to a system and method of AI expanded search for correlated data and information. AI formulated queries derived from AI generated metadata and analysis yield a plurality of independent search results including primary and expanded responses. AI generated queries expand search results to include data and information not requested by the user, but rather based on relevancy to the user’s initial query. Each set of AI formulated queries constitutes a unique dynamically generated pattern rather than a static pattern based on an initial search string.


The newly granted “System and Method of AI Assisted Search” patent (Patent No. 11971933) expands on the previously granted “System and Method of AI Assisted Search Based on Events and Location” (Patent No. 11803602), an AI Search invention that relates to a system and method for autonomously retrieving relevant information in advance of future events and locations based on time intervals and distance intervals. 


This USPTO-granted AI Search patent is part of a much larger Intellectual Property (IP) protection strategy consisting of patents and trade secrets that constitute the underlying systems and methodologies of the Jumptuit Group’s technologies.


“People often fail to formulate targeted queries,” said Inventor and Jumptuit Founder and CEO, Donald Leka. “Jumptuit’s AI Search removes the onus of manual search from the user by autonomously formulating a series of targeted queries that constitute an expanded search to ensure materiality, currency, and comprehensiveness of data sets and information. Jumptuit reduces the organization’s cost of search and automates the decision stack to improve query generation and results, research and analysis, and decision-making.”


The Jumptuit Group will be making additional IP announcements shortly.


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