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The Jumptuit Group
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The Jumptuit Group

The Jumptuit Group (TJG) dynamically tracks anomalous external factors across regions and sectors, the clustering of cross-sector elements and constitution of events, and the geolocations, market sectors, industries, and entities likely to be impacted.


TJG dynamically assesses jurisdiction, sector, industry, and company risk. Unexpected events that germinate in a region or sector can now more quickly be seen and the trajectory and time of impact estimated, reducing external shock to market sectors, industries, and companies.


Dynamic intelligence and scenario forecasting is provided to governmental and intergovernmental organizations and S&P 500 and private companies, enabling dynamic contingency planning so that decision makers can avoid, circumvent, or bypass the full impact of events.


Highly nuanced individualized intelligence is provided to employees based on their workflow and project responsibilities, activities, schedules, and itineraries mitigating risk throughout the organization.


TJG provides quantum reductions in the time allocated to performing data search and retrieval and information assessment, and quantum reductions in the Cost of Risk (COR).

The Jumptuit Group


Jumptuit Aerospace & Defense, Inc.

Jumptuit Earth, Inc.

Jumptuit Energy, Inc.

Jumptuit Food & Agriculture, Inc.

Jumptuit Government, Inc.

Jumptuit Insurance, Inc.

Jumptuit Media & Entertainment, Inc.

Jumptuit Network Insight, Inc.

Jumptuit Risk & Compliance, Inc.

Jumptuit Transport & Logistics, Inc.


Jumptuit CG&S, Inc.

Jumptuit Education, Inc.

Jumptuit Finance, Inc.

Jumptuit Gaming Insight, Inc.

Jumptuit Health, Inc.

Jumptuit Manufacturing, Inc.

Jumptuit Metals & Mining, Inc.

Jumptuit Real Estate, Inc.

Jumptuit Smart City, Inc.

Jumptuit Travel, Inc.

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