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Jumptuit Transport and Logistics

Jumptuit Transport & Logistics empowers companies with AI Scenario Forecasting to improve supply chain risk management for companies that specialize in transportation, logistics, and infrastructure development.


Genesis J2T-TL1 provides knowledge of probable future events in the global theater in which private and public sector actors engage.


Genesis J2T-TL1 assesses future jurisdiction risk, cross market sector conditions and events, environmental conditions and events, dynamic interstate affairs, and probable supply chain disruptions.


Genesis J2T-TL1 provides AI-powered geolocation forecasts to discover the cross-sector elements and coactions that constitute the genesis of global events and continuously generate adaptive scenario forecasting.


J2T-TL1 presents a new dynamic cross-sector index for identifying coalescing elements across sectors of the economy, political system, and other components of society, as well as external geopolitical, regional, and environmental factors to forecast market events and geolocation incidents that are disruptive to the transportation, logistics, and infrastructure development sectors.


Jumptuit’s Event Genesis Intelligence (EGI) identifies the time and place of future events and generates adaptive scenario forecasting based on continuous analyses of Real-Time-Cross-Spectrum-Data (RTCSD) captured via Jumptuit’s Global Data Nets (GDNs).

Empowering Transportation, Logistics, and Infrastructure Development Companies with AI Scenario Forecasting

Visibility Into the Future Cost of Risk Across the Global Supply Chain

Improving Market Event and Geolocation Incident Forecasting, Fleet Scheduling and Sizing, Warehouse Space Utilization, Human Resource Allocation, Timing and Location of Investments

Reduces the Number of Incidents, Claims, Premiums, Maintenance Costs, Route Durations, Terminal and Warehouse Delays, Late Deliveries, Carbon Emissions, Fleet and Infrastructure Capital and Human Resource Investments, and Contract and Compliance Violations






AI Scenario Forecasting for Fleet and Port Operator Scheduling and Routing

Reduces the Cost of Unforeseen Market Events and Incidents


Warehouses & Fulfillment Centers Railyards & Terminals

Shipping Ports



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