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USPTO Awards Jumptuit Founder Donald Leka AI Search Patent

Updated: Feb 5

A System and Method for Autonomously Retrieving Relevant Information in Advance of Future Events and Locations Based on Time Intervals and Distance Intervals

We are pleased to announce that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded Inventor Donald Leka, Founder and CEO of Jumptuit, the following AI Search patent, “SYSTEM AND METHOD OF AI ASSISTED SEARCH BASED ON EVENTS AND LOCATION.”

This AI Search invention relates to a system and method for autonomously retrieving relevant information in advance of future events and locations based on time intervals and distance intervals.

This USPTO-granted AI Search patent is part of a much larger Intellectual Property (IP) protection strategy consisting of patents and trade secrets that constitute the underlying systems and methodologies of the Jumptuit Group’s technologies.

“Collectively, the Jumptuit Group’s IP represents a comprehensive new approach in the development of Artificial Intelligence,” said Inventor and Jumptuit Founder and CEO, Donald Leka. “Its goal is not to mimic and amplify human knowledge, sensibilities and intelligence, but rather to complement human thinking and decision-making by continuously observing ‘states’ free of human constructs and observing and learning new correlations and causations in relation to cross-sector variables that constitute future events – a non-human approach to help humans chart a future free from avoidable crises and conflict. Imagine at scale an infinite number of points of intersection between 8.1 billion dynamic, unique human profiles and an inestimable number of probable unique events occurring at distinct geolocations and points in time – imagine the opportunity to mitigate the incalculable pain, suffering and losses caused by events that can be avoided. The Jumptuit Group’s interconnecting AI modules that exchange data and insights across sectors collectively provide unprecedented visibility into future events and unrivaled augmentation of human decision-making to mitigate risk and improve outcomes.”


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