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Davos 2024: Genesis J2T AI Scenario Forecasting of Global Instability

Updated: Feb 5


Davos 2024: Jumptuit Announces Genesis J2T AI Scenario Forecasting of Global Instability, Conflict, and Event Shockwaves to Reduce the Cost of Political Risk

Probable Event Causation Metrics for Intrastate Instability and Interstate Conflict to Augment and Improve Decision Making for Multinational Corporations, Governments, and Intergovernmental Organizations

On the occasion of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting 2024 in Davos, Switzerland, Jumptuit announces the launch of Genesis J2T AI scenario forecasting of global instability, conflict, and event shockwaves to reduce the cost of political risk.

Jumptuit's Genesis J2T AI discovers the cross-sector elements and coactions that constitute the genesis of global events, and continuously generates adaptive scenario forecasting.

Genesis J2T is based on Jumptuit's Event Genesis Intelligence (EGI) that identifies the time and place of future events and generates adaptive scenario forecasting, based on continuous analyses of Real-Time-Cross-Spectrum-Data (RTCSD) captured via Jumptuit's Global Data Nets (GDNs).

Jumptuit's Genesis J2T presents a new dynamic cross-sector index for identifying coalescing elements across sectors of the economy, political system, and other components of society, and external geopolitical, regional, and environmental factors to forecast events. The index measures the respective degree of each element and the collective value of the array of cross-sector elements to forecast the probability of an event.

Genesis J2T provides dynamic tracking of local, regional, and geo-strategic actors (e.g., nation states and other participants), and probabilities for disruptive events.

Genesis J2T is capable of dynamically anticipating likely participants in a probable event, and in proximity in time to the event.

Genesis J2T displays dynamic geolocation maps and proximity grids with transparent layers of concentric rings around probable events, consisting of local, regional, and geostrategic rings of participants with relevant dynamic information including probability metrics.

Genesis J2T dynamically generates activity indexes and instability indexes for nation states.

Genesis J2T's instability indexes provide a baseline of relative stability for most nation states around the world.

Genesis J2T's proximity maps dynamically track incremental movements of nation states and other entities in relation to each other.

Genesis J2T provides real-time probabilities and trajectories of global event shockwaves, including speed, distance, intensity, duration, and likely geolocation point(s) and time(s) of impact.

Genesis J2T's Countervailing Forces Spectrum (CFS) provides probabilities of escalation and de-escalation of global events.


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