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Davos 2024: The Era of AI-Scenario Forecasting Begins

Updated: Feb 5

Donald Leka - Founder and CEO

On the occasion of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting 2024 in Davos, Switzerland, Jumptuit announces the launch of Genesis J2T AI scenario forecasting of global instability, conflict, and event shockwaves to reduce the cost of political risk.

With the specter of political instability creating great uncertainty in 2024, Jumptuit has developed powerful systems and methods of AI Assisted Geopolitical Risk Assessment to help companies manage the cost of risk.

“For both the private and public sectors, the importance of accurate real-time data and scenario forecasting cannot be understated,” said Founder and CEO, Donald Leka. “Too often, forecasts that policies are based on are inaccurate in assessing the potential jurisdictional risks for governments and international industries and their supply chains, resulting in catastrophic human consequences and financial costs. Jumptuit’s mission is to improve real-time scenario forecasting with Artificial Intelligence to augment decision making and improve outcomes for stakeholders. The era of AI scenario forecasting has begun.”

Watch Jumptuit Group Founder and CEO, Donald Leka address global instability and the cost of risk with transformative AI scenario forecasting.

Davos Interview: Donald Leka, Founder and CEO


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