Jumptuit Travel Unveils Jumptuit Anticipatory Travel (JAT) Alerts


Introducing Jumptuit

Jumptuit delivers critical anticipatory information and insights to organizations and individuals generated from Jumptuit's quintessential all-domain multi-layered data stack.

The Jumptuit Solution

Smart Data


Autonomous AI



Conversational UI

Inter-Industry Data Rights

Matrix & Exchange




Jumptuit provides a dynamic data-interlink between curated data sources across all domains and market sectors, rapidly changing events in the physical, political and economic environment, and trending sentiment and behavior of organizations and individuals.







Cross-Platform Conversational UX

The Jumptuit Nexus Framework layers and builds a consensus data set from the broadest spectrum and variety of data sources and types into a common framework for consensus modeling, creating the building blocks for transformative anticipatory information and insights.


Jumptuit Connects Data Sources

Jumptuit offers variants of its Anticipatory Alerts and Notifications service to organizations across market sectors including Aerospace, Consulting, Education, Energy, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Investment Banking, Media and Entertainment and Travel.


Jumptuit’s Data Rights Matrix enforces the timely, ethical and democratic sourcing of data in the face of increased monitoring and tracking of citizens and employees, that will require the autonomous application and protection of Data Rights.


Jumptuit is on Multiple Platforms

Jumptuit Dynamic Awareness™ of organizations and individuals’ activities coupled with early detection of precursors to potentially relevant events, generates customized and individualized Alerts for anticipatory decision-making and formulation of proactive business strategies.


The Jumptuit Group

Jumptuit, Inc.

Jumptuit Agriculture, Inc.

Jumptuit Earth, Inc.

Jumptuit Education, Inc.

Jumptuit Energy, Inc.

Jumptuit Finance, Inc.

Jumptuit Gaming, Inc.

Jumptuit Government, Inc.

Jumptuit Health, Inc.

Jumptuit Insurance, Inc

Jumptuit Legal, Inc.


Jumptuit Logistics, Inc.


Jumptuit Manufacturing, Inc.


Jumptuit Media & Entertainment, Inc.


Jumptuit Opportunity Centers, Inc.


Jumptuit Personal Care, Inc.


Jumptuit Real Estate, Inc.


Jumptuit Research, Inc.


Jumptuit Smart City, Inc.


Jumptuit Talent, Inc.


Jumptuit Travel, Inc

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