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Introducing Jumptuit

Tomorrow's Intelligence Today ™ 

Multi-Sector Forecasts of Probable Conditions at Future Places and Points in Time

Davos 2020 - Donald Leka, CEO

Multi-Sector Forecast

Connecting Geolocation, Time, Users States, Scheduled Activities and Forecasted Conditions

Multi-Dimensional Visual

Multi-Dimensional Visual, Sensor and Cloud Data Obtainment 

Microzone, Regional, Global Cross-Sector Intelligence, Dynamically Tracking the Trajectory of Events and Probable Impact

Jumptuit Connects Data Sources

Jumptuit Connects Data Sources

Jumptuit Connects Data Sources

Satellites, Drones, Public Cloud, Private Cloud, IoT Devices, Collective Observations and Sentiment

Addressing Global Supply Chain
The Jumptuit Family

The Jumptuit Group

Jumptuit, Inc.

Jumptuit Agriculture, Inc.

Jumptuit Autonomous Transit, Inc.

Jumptuit CG&S, Inc.

Jumptuit Defense, Inc.

Jumptuit Earth, Inc.

Jumptuit Education, Inc.

Jumptuit Energy, Inc.

Jumptuit Finance, Inc.

Jumptuit Gaming Insight, Inc.

Jumptuit Government, Inc.

Jumptuit Health, Inc.

Jumptuit Insurance, Inc

Jumptuit Legal, Inc.


Jumptuit Manufacturing, Inc.


Jumptuit Media & Entertainment, Inc.

Jumptuit Network Insight, Inc.

Jumptuit Real Estate, Inc.

Jumptuit Smart City, Inc.

Jumptuit Travel, Inc.

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