Jumptuit Travel Unveils Jumptuit Anticipatory Travel (JAT) Alerts for Business Travelers

Jumptuit Travel, Inc. unveils Jumptuit Anticipatory Travel (JAT) Alerts for business travelers and the recovery of the travel industry. Jumptuit Travel is a vertical affiliate of Jumptuit, Inc. and part of the Jumptuit Group.

JAT Alerts support stakeholders in organizations that rely on business travel, and for the travel industry to anticipate and stimulate demand as conditions change and warrant. JAT Alerts will help the travel industry intelligently and safely ramp up operations to support business travel. JAT Alerts will help the travel industry anticipate and meet demand and bring back the workforce throughout the travel industry value chain while protecting both employees and customers.

The Travel Industry, which generated $8.8 trillion globally in 2019, includes Corporate, Government and Leisure Air Travel; Hospitality (hotel chains and restaurants, food and beverages); Online Travel Platforms (online travel agencies and metasearch engines); Online Rental Platforms (Airbnb); Cruise Lines; Recreation, Tourism and Entertainment; Ground Transportation (rideshares, car rentals and taxis); Travel Suppliers; and, commercial and industrial transportation modalities, including air, sea, rail and road carriers.

Jumptuit Travel tracks a broad spectrum of relevant trending data across all domains, including key cross-market sector indicators of business and consumer sentiment and activities that are signals and precursors to increased travel, enabling travel-sector related businesses to both anticipate and stimulate demand.

According to the most recent reports, more than 60% of travelers will reduce their travel plans during the next 12 months, with more than half having canceled their business travel due to COVID-19. The travel industry will temporarily contract by 50% this year (compared with 30% after the 9/11 attacks), causing devastating job and revenue losses. While up to 48 million jobs might be lost globally throughout the travel industry, most of those will be recovered as business activity increases and consumers seek relief from and social interaction after the COVID-19 isolation experience. (Historically travelers have tended to return to their plans earlier than expected after travel disasters and other crises.)

“JAT Alerts, generated from Jumptuit’s quintessential all-domain, multi-layered data stack, deliver anticipatory cross-market sector information and insights to the travel industry and the businesses that rely on it,” said Donald Leka, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Jumptuit, Inc. “As market conditions gradually improve, JAT Alerts can assist travel-sector related businesses to more precisely match supply and demand in an environment where any miscalculation can be the difference between solvency and bankruptcy. JAT Alerts identify cross-market sector signals of emerging demand for travel, and can help businesses ramp up and stimulate demand when conditions are both safe and realistic for growth.”

Jumptuit Travel’s JAT Alerts work in concert with Jumptuit Health’s National Individualized Health Alert System (NIHAS) to keep both employees and customers safe, and Jumptuit Logistics’ National Global Logistics Alert System (NGLAS) to ensure and protect the Travel Industry Supply Chain.