Jumptuit Personal Care Announces ‘The Uber of Personal Care Services’ Coming Direct to Home

Updated: Mar 26

Reconnecting Supply and Demand by Bringing Personal Care Services Disrupted by COVID-19 to the Customer’s Home

Jumptuit Personal Care, Inc. announced today ‘The Uber of Personal Care Services.’

Jumptuit Personal Care, Inc. is a vertical affiliate of Jumptuit, Inc. and part of the Jumptuit Group. The mandate of each Jumptuit market-sector vertical entity is to use cross-market sector data and insights to help businesses disrupted by the Coronavirus reconnect their services with their customers in a safe and efficient way.

The Supply Chain for personal care services has been disrupted as a result of the closure of tens of thousands of hair, beauty and nail salons across the United States.

Women are currently unable to obtain the personal maintenance services they depend upon on an ongoing basis (e.g. hair wash and blow dry, haircut and color, mani-pedi, waxing, facial, massage).

Jumptuit Personal Care reconnects supply with demand by bringing personal care services to the customer’s home.

Using their mobile devices, customers can access Jumptuit’s Face, Skin & Hair Scan App to take multi-angle selfies to determine facial features, skin tone, eye and hair color. Based on the scan results, make-up artists, hairdressers and manicurists can bring the personalized products with them to provide their professional services that their customers want and need.

Not only will women receive the personal care services they count on, these services will now be hyper-personalized, making delivery for service providers more cost-efficient while providing customers with algorithm-matched information and expertise – consistently delivering individualized services that exceed customer expectations.

The hyper-personalization of direct-to-home beauty services will also minimize the transport of unnecessary beauty products and trade tools. The service provider benefits from profile and location matching so that they can service similar customer profiles in the same area, carrying with them only those beauty products and trade tools necessary to service that day's profiled customers. Services can also be provided to small groups of two to three individuals in the home (e.g. family members, friends and co-workers).

Jumptuit Personal Care, in partnership with leading ridesharing services (e.g. Uber, Lyft), will directly connect personal care service providers with customers.

Jumptuit Personal Care, in partnership with leading personal care brands (e.g. Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson and Sephora), will provide these companies with individualized personal care data and valuable insights, and individualized marketing based on dynamic personal care profiles to more precisely match supply with demand, and drive increased retail home delivery.

“Innovative and adaptable American thinking and solutions will quickly revitalize the great American economy at this time of national and international crisis,” said Donald Leka, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Jumptuit, Inc. “Businesses can fight the invisible enemy, the Coronavirus, with an invisible weapon, Jumptuit’s algorithms, that dynamically connect supply with demand and provide highly-targeted individualized marketing and services to reach their customers.”

“Personal care services are a fundamental need of women and they have been interrupted by the Coronavirus,” said Karin Betinger, Head of the Advisory Committee for Jumptuit Personal Care. “In this new period of social distancing, we are working to address the professional and social needs of women by bringing hyper-personalized services directly to their homes.”