Jumptuit Logistics Unveils National Global Logistics Alert System (NGLAS) for COVID-19

Jumptuit Logistics, Inc. unveils National Global Logistics Alert System (NGLAS) for COVID-19 and the next crisis event. Jumptuit Logistics is a vertical affiliate of Jumptuit, Inc. and part of the Jumptuit Group.

NGLAS enables businesses and government to source, track and allocate everything in the logistics chain from raw materials, parts, components and supplies, to human resources and services, anticipating changing micro-zone demand and facilitating rapid reallocation and distribution.

Through autonomously generated alerts and notifications, NGLAS delivers continuous predictive insights to stakeholders throughout the entire logistics chain, enabling industry and government to deliver more efficient services.

NGLAS fosters coordinated efficiencies across all market sectors and in public-private partnerships, from assuring food and household supply and distribution, to mitigating hoarding, to repurposing resources and uncovering potential partnerships in support of government initiatives like the Defense Production Act.

The Jumptuit Nexus Framework maintains dynamic awareness of trending behavior and relevant events (e.g. a data cluster of time, location, activities, events and conditions in the physical environment), understanding associations between activities and events and conditions in which they occur, and autonomously providing highly nuanced, relevant information, insights and predictions.

“Strategies enable us to act, logistics enable us to win,” said Donald Leka, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Jumptuit, Inc. “NGLAS is the answer to anticipatory management of the supply chain and distribution down to the micro-zone level and can help business leaders and policy makers better coordinate with each other to get critical equipment and supplies to those who need them most.”


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