Jumptuit Finance Unveils Jumptuit Anticipatory Finance (JAF) Alerts for the Financial Industry

Jumptuit Finance, Inc. unveils Jumptuit Anticipatory Finance (JAF) Alerts for the Global Financial Industry. Jumptuit Finance is a vertical affiliate of Jumptuit, Inc. and part of the Jumptuit Group.

JAF Alerts dynamically deliver to analysts, economists and stakeholders in Industry and Government, up-to-the-moment cross-market sector information and insights anticipating changing consumer and business sentiment and behavior, and market conditions.

JAF Alerts support stakeholders in financial institutions (including corporate leadership, analysts, economists, portfolio managers, risk managers and bankers) who rely upon accurate, timely and complete data to anticipate rapidly shifting consumer and business sentiment and behavior, and market conditions. JAF Alerts provide stakeholders with anticipatory information and insights to determine liquidity needs and credit risks associated with increasingly complex financial market conditions. JAF Alerts inform stakeholders in matching the dynamic needs of customers with financial services and solutions while maintaining compliance with associated risk protocols.

JAF Alerts empower stakeholders to better identify emerging pockets of financing and M&A opportunities in a complex and rapidly changing economic environment. Insights into fundamentals, growth and efficiencies are derived from Jumptuit’s broad spectrum of cross-market sector data (e.g. geospatial, temporal, behavioral activities, forecasted and non-forecasted events, market and environmental conditions and trending sentiment) providing stakeholders with increased awareness of the associations between widely dispersed and dynamically occurring global events and individual, business and government activities.

“JAF Alerts, generated from Jumptuit’s quintessential all-domain, multi-layered data stack, deliver anticipatory cross-market sector information and insights to stakeholders in government, financial institutions and the businesses and consumers that rely on them,” said Donald Leka, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Jumptuit, Inc. “As market conditions gradually improve, JAF Alerts can assist financial industry professionals in their risk and liquidity assessments across global market sectors. JAF Alerts identify signals and precursors of emerging demand for financial market participants to meet liquidity and credit needs across global market sectors.”