Donald Leka - The Jumptuit Group & the Benefits of Cross-Sector Data Sharing

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Jumptuit Founder, Chairman and CEO Donald Leka addresses the scope and scale of the Jumptuit Group and Data Exchange including the Company's relationship with its vertical entities and the incredible power and benefits of cross-sector data sharing. Among the Jumptuit Group's vertical entities are Jumptuit Agriculture, Jumptuit Earth, Jumptuit Education, Jumptuit Energy, Jumptuit Finance, The Jumptuit Foundation, Jumptuit Gaming, Jumptuit Government, Jumptuit Health, Jumptuit Insurance, Jumptuit Legal, Jumptuit Logistics, Jumptuit Manufacturing, Jumptuit Media & Entertainment, Jumptuit Opportunity Centers, Jumptuit Personal Care, Jumptuit Real Estate, Jumptuit Research & Development, Jumptuit Smart City, Jumptuit Talent, and Jumptuit Travel.

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