CES 2021: Countdown to Jumptuit Datacasts

A Transparent New Medium for Receiving Information on Important Trending Global Events

Jumptuit Datacast Observation, Datafication and Visualization of Trending Global Events to Offer an Alternative to Traditional Newscasts

Coinciding with the Consumer Electronics Show 2021 (#CES2021), Jumptuit Media, Inc., unveils Jumptuit Datacasts - a transparent new medium for receiving information on important trending global events.

Jumptuit Datacasts feature up-to-the-moment trending information, insights and visualizations of collective observations, behavior and sentiment around the world, filtered by region (over 200 cities) and market sector (including finance, insurance, travel, health, energy and agriculture). Jumptuit Datacasts are shot in 4K and can be customized for individual companies.

Award Winning television presenter and journalist, Claire Leka, will anchor and lead the Datacast Team.

Jumptuit Datacasts will go live on February 1, 2021. More details will follow shortly.