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About Jumptuit Health


Jumptuit Health, a subsidiary of Jumptuit, Inc., is an AI SaaS company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Jumptuit Health's mission is to protect the individual health and wellbeing of every employee, and improve public health and safety in harmony with the environment. Jumptuit Health provides geolocation forecasts of environmental exposures, viruses and diseases in relation to an individual's health attributes and behaviors, empowering them to avoid, circumvent or bypass potentially unhealthy or dangerous scenarios.

“The starting point is taking into account the variation in peoples’ health attributes and how forecasted environmental exposures can affect each individual differently. Jumptuit Health uses threshold effectors and receptors across a variety of environmental factors to redirect an individual away from unhealthy exposures and toward optimal scenarios.”

Donald Leka
Founder, Chairman and CEO

Jumptuit Health


Jumptuit Health’s SaaS Platform delivers Geolocation Health Scenario Forecasting for Environmental Exposures, including atmospheric conditions, viruses that are airborne, vector-borne and direct-contact transmitted, and for diseases that are caused by polluted air, contaminated water and food sources. Jumptuit Health’s technology and services augment and enhance corporate risk mitigation, employee health, safety, and ESG initiatives, improving operational efficiency across Fortune 500 companies to manage their workforce. Jumptuit Health can reduce health expenses at all levels including insurance premiums, and improve a Company’s overall health and safety profile and increase efficiency and margins.


IMPROVE EMPLOYEE HEALTH AND SAFETY - Jumptuit Health augments public and corporate health alerts and notifications systems and health initiatives by providing AI-assisted, Individualized Health Forecasts, based on each individual’s health profile. Jumptuit Health provides a significant increase in advanced warning times for individuals, based on their current or scheduled locations and activities, reducing dangerous exposures to climate change-induced extreme heat and cold events, increased frequency of wildfire pollution, atmospheric conditions, airborne, vector-borne, and contact viruses, and toxins in the environment. Jumptuit Health creates the possibility for preventive behavior modification by helping individuals to avoid, circumvent or bypass potentially unhealthy or dangerous forecasted exposures at future places and points in time, and providing optimal scenario alternatives. 


IMPROVE WORKING CONDITIONS - Jumptuit Health’s cross-sector scenario AI-assisted forecasting helps individuals avoid locations with dangerous or less than optimal health conditions. Jumptuit Health’s services can augment individual decision making, and help improve working conditions and reduce employee turnover by delivering AI-assisted health forecasts for health and safety conditions, individualized for each employee. Knowing the ecosystem conditions at future geolocations and times, including atmospheric exposures, viral conditions, and the state of the water and food supplies, can help prevent illnesses, reduce sick time and save lives. Jumptuit Health analyzes how an individual’s health attributes may be affected by these forecasted exposures. Jumptuit Health’s cross-sector scenario AI-assisted environmental exposure forecasts generate Respiratory, Cardiovascular and Cerebral Alerts and Notifications based on an individual’s attributes and behaviors, and are accessible through mobile devices, wearables, vehicle navigation systems, flight trackers, etc.


REDUCE RISK - Jumptuit Health’s individualized health forecasts and risk assessments augment the employer’s ability to protect employees by helping them to avoid potentially unsafe health and environmental conditions that could pose a personal safety risk. Jumptuit Health directly addresses the conditions that result in safety risk and sick leave for employees including the impact of environmental co-exposures on an individual’s health, such as the combination of extreme heat and particulate air pollution (Ambient Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5)) caused by climate change. Jumptuit Health forecasts interactions in the physical environment and their potential impact on an individual’s health and safety, including Air Quality Index (AQI), Particulate Matter (PM2.5), Hectopascal (Barometric) Pressure (hPa), Heat Index, UV Index, Altitude, Temperature, Humidity, Ozone (O3), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), etc., as well as the spread of infectious diseases (e.g., the Common Cold, Covid, Influenza, Pneumonia, RSV, Tuberculosis). Environmental exposure forecasts enable individuals to modify their behavior based on threshold levels that generate alerts with clear optimal choices, mitigating the unhealthy effects of climate change and pollution, viruses and toxins on an individual’s health. Jumptuit Health’s proximity alerts to healthcare services and resources further help to keep employees safe.


EFFICIENT OPERATIONS; COST SAVINGS - Jumptuit Health augments existing corporate initiatives and employee information services, reducing healthcare expenses, paid leave, and lost revenue. By helping to circumvent unhealthy and dangerous environments that give rise to acute health conditions and exacerbate chronic health conditions, Jumptuit Health helps reduce the burden on primary healthcare services, human resources, and healthcare expenses and premiums. Immediate efficiencies include improved safety margins, human resource management, and reduced down-time for employees leading to increased productivity. Incremental efficiencies include improved margins, reduced primary healthcare, insurance premium and legal-related expenditures, as well as administrative and accounting costs and interest expenses.


ESG+H - Jumptuit Health augments corporate initiatives transforming ESG goals into measurable outcomes. Jumptuit Health addresses individual health disparities, assisting organizations in attaining health equity in their workforces. By accounting for the variations in individual health attributes and how forecasted environmental exposures can affect each individual differently, Jumptuit Health enables companies to better protect the health and well-being of their employees. Jumptuit Health provides employers with individualized data and insights to optimize health and safety conditions. Jumptuit Health’s individualized cross-sector scenario AI-assisted forecasting for each employee enables companies to make measurable advances in improving worker conditions.  

Based on geo-temporal forecasts and analyses of trending symptoms and reported cases of viruses, diseases, severe illnesses and deaths, Jumptuit Health notifies individuals who are at moderate-to-high risk or in risk-identified groups to consider whether to modify their behavior, including whether to engage in certain activities or travel to certain destinations. 



Jumptuit Health is offered in three modules:


  1. Environmental and Climate Exposures

  2. Virus and Bacterial Exposures

  3. Toxin Exposures

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